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Exquisite, all is hot style, cutting-edge design team carefully created!

Commercial stainless steel straight freezers Commercial stainless steel air cooler Commercial stainless steel air-cooled table Commercial stainless steel direct cooling table Display the air cooler Wine display cabinet
  • SLV Series
    SL Series
    NG Series
  • SLLD4-420BA/SLLZ4-42...

Good product is not talk, Bibi knowsWe only look at the price, but ignore the quality?

We do every detail of the product, because we understand your needs better

01Energy saving

Fluorine-free refrigerant

02Load bearing

Strong bearing force


Beautiful shape

04High precision

Electronic temperature control

05Inlet compressor

Inlet compressor

06Air cooling

Circulating air cooling, fast cooling


Removable door seal


3C certification,CE certification

09Long life

Stainless steel body

Years of brand strength deposit

  • Years of continuous development, rich experience in R & D, production and sales.
  • The company has strong technical force, equipped with advanced production equipment such as high pressure foaming instrument, CNC punch press and quality testing system such as working condition laboratory.
  • With more than 1000 sales outlets, the layout is perfect, independent operation, professional services, to ensure that the after-sales service without worry.

Strong, accessories all independent manufacturing

  • Focusing on the production and customization of commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment such as hotels and restaurants, and many years of high-end customer customization experience in Europe and the United States, and recognized by the majority of businesses, the products sell well at home and abroad.
  • The company has strong technical force, equipped with advanced production equipment such as high pressure foaming instrument, CNC punch press and quality testing system such as working condition laboratory.

The traceability production per unit team

  • With a number of independent intellectual property rights certificates, Lawao will control the market trend of the cold industry, and strive to be the customer satisfaction of high-quality goods.
  • Huge quality control process, from the raw material procurement, design, production of comprehensive quality control, to ensure the quality of products。
  • With advanced machining equipment and casting line, to ensure production standardization, mass production and precision.

Full service to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Factory direct selling, can accept small batch customization, can receive urgent orders, fully meet your needs!
  • Transportation services: establish deep cooperation with logistics and express companies to provide efficient transportation services for customers' orders.
  • Quality assurance service: focusing on quality, domestic price, cost-effective kitchen utensils and appliances is your quality choice, all products are guaranteed for 2 years

All over the country1000Number of sales outlets
Show the strength of the extraordinary brand

Professional refrigerator manufacturersThe good goods in the refrigerator are all in shenghui

In order to improve the after-sales system, Shenghui has set up service offices throughout the country, with a after-sales service team of more than 200 people. The global distribution of after-sales network also provides a reliable guarantee for the follow-up services of the products.

The future of the exchange, let customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. No matter the size of our customers, no matter how many orders, no matter the process is simple, we will always be meticulous, keep improving the spirit of service to the majority of users, fully reflect the customer is the spirit of God, and join hands with new and old customers, create a better future!

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Quality comes from inheritance

        Established in 2017, Dongguan Shenghui Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in dongguan, the center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is located in the central and southern part of Guangdong province and the east bank of Pearl River Estuary. It is adjacent to Guangzhou in the northwest, Shenzhen in the south and Huizhou in the northeast with convenient transportation and access to the whole city. Is committed to the high quality commercial refrigeration equipment…

Brand cultureCulture
  • The size of size, spirit forever
  • Strict law do oneself
  • Gregarious tendency
  • Knowing the world
  • The good faith

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